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Call for Papers

Title: “Wastelands: Eco-narratives in Contemporary Cultures in English”
Editors: Oriana Palusci (opalusci at and Héliane Ventura (heliane.ventura at
The topic of this issue is inspired first of all by an iconic text such as T. S. Eliot’s The Waste Land, published in 1922, and by the 20th-century literary and cultural tradition dealing with apocalyptic landscapes, dystopian nightmares, chronicles of a present/future world in disarray. Recently the waste land theme has been developed by Zygmunt Bauman in Wasted Lives: Modernity and its Outcasts (2003). Waste Land is also the name of a 2010 social documentary based on the lives of garbage pickers in Rio de Janeiro, where Vik Muniz creates art out of recycled materials, as well as of a science fiction video game, set in a post-apocalyptic America.
     In the new millennium, waste plays an intriguing role in the contemporary Western consciousness in an age in which eco-narratives increasingly denounce the collapse of the natural order and engage with a sustainable response to the wasting of human beings and of natural resources. Waste generates an ethics of responsibility based on giving an account of oneself.
     Proposals on any aspect related to the topic are welcome. The critical tools which may be employed range from eco-linguistics, eco-feminism, ecocriticism, cultural studies, postcolonial studies, visual arts, media studies to tourism studies.
Topics may include, but are not limited to, the following issues:
- Dystopian and/or apocalyptic narratives
- Man-made disasters and reactions to them
- Natural disasters
- Dark Tourism
- Waste and recycling
- Utopian and ecological responses
- Throwing away and salvaging
- Detritus, archives and memorialization
Abstracts for paper proposals (max 300 words) should be submitted by email to  and to by 30 June 2015.
Notification of acceptance will be sent by 15 July 2015.
Deadline for abstracts:  30 June 2015
Notification of acceptance:  15 July 2015
Deadline for completed articles:  15 December 2015

Title: "Out of Hidden India: Adivasi histories, stories, visualities and performances"
Editors: Rossella Ciocca (rciocca at and Sanjukta Das Gupta (sanjuktadasgupta2007 at
A new visibility and an amplified resonance have recently marked the predicaments of tribal India. The category of indigeneity has begun to elicit an intellectual theorization located at the crossroads of diverse disciplinary fields, spanning social sciences, literary criticism, media and artistic studies. Peoples who define themselves in terms of free access to natural resources, communitarian knowledges and place-based solidarities, are seen in their challenge to the narrations both of the colonial and the postcolonial state. Their presence in modernizing, increasingly anglophone, India is disturbing  the logic of neoliberal globalization no less than that of liberal citizenship.
While for long it had been portrayed as the passive object of ethno-anthropological inquest, Adivasi cultural production is now increasingly taking upon itself the task of self-representation. And this production, however mainly articulated around expressions of moral and political discontent, is at the same time demanding for artistic recognition.
Problematic as it is to bring together under the label ‘Adivasi’ a very heterogeneous corpus of cultural manifestations we are determined to tentatively use this label as a working functional umbrella.Our aim is to add to the critical archive of historical revisions, cultural analyses and study of artistic forms of resistance in order to, however partially, contribute to the mapping of the complex reality of tribal India.
We welcome investigations in the most various directions from cinematic to literary narrations, from historical case studies to performative forms of agency.
Specific topics may address, without being limited to, the following issues:

- Identity constructions and representations

- Gender

- Language and Education

- Integration Vs Protectionism

- Equality of rights/ Cultural differences 

- Land/Landlessness and Displacement

- Environmentalism

- Bonded labour

- The impact of globalization and liberalization

- Census and the reservation policy

- Religion

- Genealogies of rebellion

- The politics of development

 - What kind of subalternity?

- Adivasi life/ Anglophone writing and translating

Deadline for abstracts30 April 2014
Deadline for completed articles30 October 2014

Title: Postcolonial Digital Media: New Media Ecologies of Gender and Race
Tiziana Terranova (tterranova at and Iain Chambers (ichambers at

This special issue of Anglistica aims at highlighting the blind spots between digital media properties and the questions posed by post-colonial subjects.

Drawing on fields of inquiry as diverse as television and radio, cinema and cyberspace, new materialism and xenogenesis, the contributions help outline a composite theoretical framework through which to interrogate postcolonial ontologies and economies with regard to processes of inclusion/exclusion, the creation of borders, gendered and racial performance in a globalized world.

The contributors are all doctoral candidates and former doctoral students from the PhD program in Cultural and Postcolonial Studies at L'Orientale, and the Media and Communication department at Goldsmiths College, London, which makes this issue the result of an especially fruitful exchange between the two groups.


Title: "Attention, Agency, Affect: In the Flow of Performing Audiences"
Editors: C. Maria Laudando (cmlaudando at and Anna Notaro (a.z.notaro at

Since their controversial beginnings Performance Studies have always vindicated an inter-disciplinary or anti-disciplinary engagement with the liminal, interstitial and translational aspects of any politics of identity and culture, stressing the centrality of the body, the everyday, and affect in all aspects of human activity. At the same time, performance as a central, even if contentious, metaphor for almost any form of contemporary critical discourse “implies not just doing or even re-doing, but a self-consciousness about doing and re-doing on the part of both performers and spectators” (Marvin Carlson 2004), thus marking a major shift from given products to provisional processes, from theoretic abstractions to living practices.

Starting from these premises we welcome contributions that discuss the crucial concept of ‘participation’ from an inter-disciplinary perspective, investigating how a critical focus on performance and performativity can help to reframe and revise existing notions of publics and audiences (both as spectators and as readers). Suggested topics include but are not limited to:

-  the impact of performing arts and relational models of spectatorship upon literary studies with particular attention to digital literature;

- the interstitial interplay – both creative and critical – between authorial textuality and performative event;

- the relations between recently emerging participatory modes of spectatorship and other models of social and communal interaction in the dramatic context of glocalization;

- the importance of orality, physicality and affect in the ongoing debate on participation;

 - the influences of audience reception theory, feminist and queer theory, cultural and postcolonial studies.


Deadline for abstracts31 July 2013
Deadline for completed articles30 November 2013
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